The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

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A guest post by James (Lindsey’s Husband)

I sometimes find it really difficult to get into a book and will end up reading half (or less) before giving up – but really didn’t have this problem with The Perks and Being a Wallflower at all..

I first heard of the book three days ago when randomly stumbling across a Parez Hilton blog post where he mentioned it was one of his favourite books so decided to give it a go.

The book consists of a series of letters written by the main Character, a 15 year old boy called Charlie.  It’s probably best described as a “coming of age” story that features, among other things, rape, drugs, homosexuality and nudity.  The book is set back in the early 90’s and spams across the year that Charlie is moving into “High school”.

I was hooked from the very start of the book and have just spend the past 4 hours since the kids went to bed lost in his world as I finished the final 50%.

I’m not really sure how to review the book without giving too much away.  At the start Charlie is a loner who is best summarised near the end of the book as a “freak” but who finds some friends that bring more out of him and the letter format explains his slightly strange emotions in a really intuitive way.

The book has a lot of laugh out loud moments but the final two chapters bring everything together and I spent them huddled up under a blanket with a box of tissues and a lot of sobbing!  I will say no more than that as I don’t want to give it away but certainly didn’t see the ending coming.

I’ve read quite a few books this year but The Perks of Being a Wallflower has emotionally touched me more than any book I’ve read in a long time – I absolutely recommend this book and whilst it won’t be to everyones tastes I would give it 5 out of 5 stars without any hesitation.

Since reading it I’ve also heard that it’s being adapted into a major Hollywood film (staring the gorgeous Emma Watson) so make sure you read the book first!  I am sure that the movie will be great if done correctly but it’ll be hard to bring the raw emotions of the “letter” format to the big screen.

You can pick it up from Amazon on either Kindle edition (£4.99) or in Paperback (£4.31) – don’t even get me started on why it’s cheaper in paperbook than a Kindle….



In my Mailbox #9

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This week I bought 4 kindle books and no paperbacks.

My Kindle books

Untouched by Jus Accardo


Wasteland by Lynn Rush


The many lives of Avery Snow by Christy Sloat



Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine





In my Mailbox #8

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links  to Goodreads


Entangled by 11 goodreads others – the poseeds go to breast cancer

Cruel..and Unusual by D. Michelle Gent

Elemental byAlexandra May



Isle of Night  by  Veronica Wolff



This week I recieved my first Random Act of Kindness which I was really exited about.

Donna @ Book Passion for life sent me a copy of



Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Thank You Donna


In My Mailbox #7

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I am trying to be good and not buy to many books. I caved though and had to buy a few.




Breaking Point by Jess Rowen

Dream Lover by D.Michelle Gent

Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson





Going too Far by Jennifer Echols



A HUGE thank you to Donna at book Passion for life  for sending me:


HereAfter by Tara Hudson

The Pace by Shelena Shorts

The Broken Lake by Shelena Shorts








My review for Dream Lover (Dusty the Demon Hunter) by D. Michelle Gent

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Publish date: August 11th 2011

publisher: gingernutbooks

Format read: Kindle Edition

Date finished: 09/09/2011

Ratings: ★★★★☆




Goodreads Blurb

Dusty is a teenage girl, as normal as any of her friends… the Dryads, Faeries, Nymphs, Angels, Cherubs and half-demons like her.

She has a dark past, her mother was killed by a Demon and now she is protecting herself in case that Demon comes back for her.

In the meantime Dusty travels from this world to the Astral Plane and her adventures are legendary… amongst her friends at least


My Review

A short story by D. Michelle Gent

This is a story about Dusty who is a half Demon. Since the death of her mother she has lived with her grandparents.  They have leant all there is to know about being a half demon so they are very understanding of there grandaughter.

The story revolves around Dusty’s best friend Ange,  who discovers after a night out that she is being haunted by a demon in her sleep and it is up to Dusty to safe the day.

After being dragged into the the Demon world  by the Demon in question its there she meets Hunter.  A character that I am hoping to  learn more about in bk2.

For a short story this was really good, I liked Dusty’s character, she’s a strong biker chick which I think makes a great main character.  I really like that her grandparents being  on her side it makes her character seem more independant.  Her friend Ange is from what I gather is fully human which makes her vunerable. Then there is Hunter, we don’t get to hear much about him in this book but I have high hopes for Dust and Hunter in bk2, well I can only hope.

I have read one other of Michelle Gent’s books called Deadlier… than the male  which is more adult than young adult. I will put a review up for this at some point.


In my mailbox #6

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This is my last IMM until i have completed my project 10 book. I have been so exited about all these books that I would love to read them all at once.

My latest Kindle books


Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Stealing Phoenix by Joss Sterling

One grave at a time by Jeaniene Frost


Hard back

I pre ordered this a while ago and not with an early release its in the post to me now.


Vanish by Sophie Jordan


In My Mailbox #5

A Presant

This week I had a suprise parcel.  Donna from book passion for life sent me a brand new copy of :

I have had this on my goodreads wishlist for a while now so I was really exited to get this, thnk you so much Donna :)


The Forest of Hands and Teeth  by  Carrie Ryan




Bitter End  by  Jennifer Brown


Rivers of London Book Review

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Publish date: 20th January 2011

publisher: Orion

Format read: Kindle Edition

Date finished: 16/08/2011

Ratings: ★★★★☆



Guest Review by James Little

Welcome to a guest blog post by James – Lindsey’s other half.

I’ve always been a bit of a reader but for the past few months I’ve not managed to find a book that I’ve been able to get into and not put down. I’ve half read about 5 books over the past few months.

Then Rivers of London (also know as Midnight Riot) turned up and changed this. I actually stumbled upon the book completely by chance on a visit to Waterstones in Bluewater whilst looking in the fantasy area and wrote its name down and got it for the Kindle app on my iPad instead.

Overall it took me around 2 days to read.. the best way of describing it is that is a cross between a police crime fighting story and a magic / fantasy story. Surprisingly it works really well. As a Londoner myself I was impressed by the research that went into it and recognised a lot of the names and places from nights out in town!

The book contains modern vampires (but we don’t see much of them), ghosts and a few characters hell bent on killing.

Rivers of London reads well and my only criticism of it is that there is no real differentiation between the way that the characters speak so the tone is very similar the whole way though. Also time seems to pass between chapters pretty quickly but we never really get any sense to how much time has actually passed – hours, days or months and this can be quite confusing.

Here is a quick summary of the main characters:

Peter – We meet Peter as he is about to “graduate” into the Met Police and wants to be out on the street, not behind a wall of paperwork. Soon he finds himself as a trainee Wizard, the first Apprentice of the “Folly” in many years.

Lesley – Another trainee police officer Lesley is the object of Peter’s lust at the start of the book. Best of friends Lesley joins the “normal” police and we follow her though the story.

Inspector Nightingale – The Inspector is Peter’s mentor, teaching him about magic and the strange goings on, helping to keep the queens peace.

Overall I’d rate this book 4/5 – certainly one of the best I’ve read in a long time and I’ve now started the next in the set, Moon over Soho which picks up where Rivers of London leaves us. If you are into fantasy with a little dark humour and barely any violence then I’d suggest you give it a go.



In My Mailbox #4

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On Kindle



Touch  the dark  by  Karen Chance

Taunt (Ava Delaney #2)  by  Claire Farrell

Fractured (fateful #2) by Cheri Schmid

Daimon (covenant 0.5)  by  Jennifer L. Armentrout


Hard copy’s purchased


Dark Angel  by  Eden Maguire

Chain Reaction  by  Simone Elkeles

Bargins and Betrayals  by  Shannon Delany



This week I recieved a kind gift from Jodie – Thank you Jodie



Forget you  by  Jennifer Echols

Passion  by  Lauren Kate



The Iron Quill (The pace series#3) by Shelena Shorts

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Publish date: 29th July 2011

publisher: Lands Atlantic Publishing, LLC

Format read: Kindle Edition

Date finished: 05/08/2011

Ratings: ★★★★★



Blurb from goodreads

With Weston’s self-imposed forty-eight hour deadline having already lapsed, Sophie’s patience is pushed to the max—especially with her realization that his concern is not for his own well-being, but for hers.

Just when they embrace a reconnection, she’ll learn that her greatest threat is not necessarily something that might happen in the future, but something that’s happening… right now. And this time, Sophie and Wes will need the help of more than one person to fix it—even if it means giving up his secret.

With time forever moving, and the dark cloud at its lowest, the third book in the Pace Series stays true to its signature grace and determination as Sophie and Weston take the biggest detour so far.


The Pace #1

Wes is not immortal and he is of this world. But, aging is not part of his existence, and eighteen-year-old Sophie Slone is determined to find out why. In doing so, she could also uncover something about her own life expectancy that she may not want to know. Suddenly, immortality will mean everything and nothing all at the same time.


The Broken Lake #2

In the aftermath of Sophie’s ordeal, Weston will make some uncharacteristic decisions to distance himself from the past in an attempt to change the future.
But, while venturing into the improbable, the present sneaks up in a chilling way that will lead to Wes’ unexpected submission. Suddenly, Sophie will find herself watching as both his immortal secret and his own existence are threatened.

My Review

It is hard to write a review when you are still on a high after reading such a great book, And all you want to do is read the next one to find out what will happen next, That to mean makes a great read.

It feels like forever that I have been waiting for this book to be released.  I got such a surprise when I checked on Amazon and found that it had been realised on Kindle earlier than on paperback so I had to buy it straight away and read it.

I loved the first two in the series and at the end of  The Broken Lake it was left with such a cliff hanger With Wes being taken  that I have been on tender hooks waiting for  The Iron Quill  to be released.

A new twist to this book,  you are not only in the mind of Sophie but the mind of Dr Carter aswell,  which means you get to know what happens to Wes  (I though made a nice change to other books were you don’t know were you favourite characters).  We learn a lot about Dr Carter and his work,   he turns out to be a very significant character

I had no idea what was going to happen and it was all written so well, this did have a few surprises in it and the fact that Wes and Sophie are growing together made this a really sweet love story. Nothing is ever simple for these two but we have learned this from the last two books.

I was not disappointed at all. After reading this book I loved Wes and Sophie even more. there characters went through a bit of a rollercoaster  with events happening to both of them.

I was sad to read that    The hour of Dreams #4  will be the last in the   will be released in 2012