Rivers of London Book Review

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Publish date: 20th January 2011

publisher: Orion

Format read: Kindle Edition

Date finished: 16/08/2011

Ratings: ★★★★☆



Guest Review by James Little

Welcome to a guest blog post by James – Lindsey’s other half.

I’ve always been a bit of a reader but for the past few months I’ve not managed to find a book that I’ve been able to get into and not put down. I’ve half read about 5 books over the past few months.

Then Rivers of London (also know as Midnight Riot) turned up and changed this. I actually stumbled upon the book completely by chance on a visit to Waterstones in Bluewater whilst looking in the fantasy area and wrote its name down and got it for the Kindle app on my iPad instead.

Overall it took me around 2 days to read.. the best way of describing it is that is a cross between a police crime fighting story and a magic / fantasy story. Surprisingly it works really well. As a Londoner myself I was impressed by the research that went into it and recognised a lot of the names and places from nights out in town!

The book contains modern vampires (but we don’t see much of them), ghosts and a few characters hell bent on killing.

Rivers of London reads well and my only criticism of it is that there is no real differentiation between the way that the characters speak so the tone is very similar the whole way though. Also time seems to pass between chapters pretty quickly but we never really get any sense to how much time has actually passed – hours, days or months and this can be quite confusing.

Here is a quick summary of the main characters:

Peter – We meet Peter as he is about to “graduate” into the Met Police and wants to be out on the street, not behind a wall of paperwork. Soon he finds himself as a trainee Wizard, the first Apprentice of the “Folly” in many years.

Lesley – Another trainee police officer Lesley is the object of Peter’s lust at the start of the book. Best of friends Lesley joins the “normal” police and we follow her though the story.

Inspector Nightingale – The Inspector is Peter’s mentor, teaching him about magic and the strange goings on, helping to keep the queens peace.

Overall I’d rate this book 4/5 – certainly one of the best I’ve read in a long time and I’ve now started the next in the set, Moon over Soho which picks up where Rivers of London leaves us. If you are into fantasy with a little dark humour and barely any violence then I’d suggest you give it a go.


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  1. Great review! Nice to see you on here! :)

  2. kara-karina

    I’ve loved Rivers of London just as much, and now have Moon over Soho from the library waiting to be read. :) I think 3rd book is coming out in 2012.

  3. Great review James, I love reading on my iPad too but get easily distracted by constantly checking my emails etc it’s too handy!

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