My review for Dream Lover (Dusty the Demon Hunter) by D. Michelle Gent

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Publish date: August 11th 2011

publisher: gingernutbooks

Format read: Kindle Edition

Date finished: 09/09/2011

Ratings: ★★★★☆




Goodreads Blurb

Dusty is a teenage girl, as normal as any of her friends… the Dryads, Faeries, Nymphs, Angels, Cherubs and half-demons like her.

She has a dark past, her mother was killed by a Demon and now she is protecting herself in case that Demon comes back for her.

In the meantime Dusty travels from this world to the Astral Plane and her adventures are legendary… amongst her friends at least


My Review

A short story by D. Michelle Gent

This is a story about Dusty who is a half Demon. Since the death of her mother she has lived with her grandparents.  They have leant all there is to know about being a half demon so they are very understanding of there grandaughter.

The story revolves around Dusty’s best friend Ange,  who discovers after a night out that she is being haunted by a demon in her sleep and it is up to Dusty to safe the day.

After being dragged into the the Demon world  by the Demon in question its there she meets Hunter.  A character that I am hoping to  learn more about in bk2.

For a short story this was really good, I liked Dusty’s character, she’s a strong biker chick which I think makes a great main character.  I really like that her grandparents being  on her side it makes her character seem more independant.  Her friend Ange is from what I gather is fully human which makes her vunerable. Then there is Hunter, we don’t get to hear much about him in this book but I have high hopes for Dust and Hunter in bk2, well I can only hope.

I have read one other of Michelle Gent’s books called Deadlier… than the male  which is more adult than young adult. I will put a review up for this at some point.

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